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If you book a ticket for GFNY Bali:

  • It is now optional possible to take out a Refund Protect Insurance
  • What is covered by this insurance? See the overview below:
  • More information about Refund Protect Insurane:


Be A Champion - Get Your Champion Jersey


Yes, we are the champions. - We are the champions, my friend as it has already sung Queen.

We are the champions of GFNY Events worldwide.

We are the only riders in the world who are privileged to wear a GFNY Champion Jersey. Would you like to be one of them?


  • Get a Jersey you can never buy
  • Be a winner of this CHAMPION Jersey of GFNY
  • All winner of GFNY Events worldwide get the same CHAMPION Jersey
  • Every Winner of a Age Category will get this Jersey
  • Best Quality that you will love to wear every ride - every day


Now you can book our VIP Hotel Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort Bali also for 4 days/3nights. Arrival on Frriday, February 20, Departure on Monday, February 24 2020.

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